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We are a professional fitness equipment and gym equipments supplier with its own core technology. Committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services.

We have 15 years of OEM and ODM experience and unique knowledge to design new fitness products in addition to traditional gym equipment.We have a Bumper Plates factory, a Barbell factory, a Fitness Rack factory, and a Dumbbell factory, specializing in providing one-stop solutions for R&D, design, manufacturing, and service for our customers.

Source factory, Affordable prices,Premium quality

Why choose us


R&D and technology advantage

Strong R&D strength and leading technical level are the company's core competitive advantages. QINGDAO STRENX has built a whole chain R&D system from basic research, major common key technology research to application demonstration. Relying on the platform and R&D system, it provides a strong guarantee for the company to respond quickly to market demand and continuously launch new fitness equipments with leading technology.


Complete Quality Control System and After service advantage

Our quality control system extends through the entire life cycle of our products. From raw materials to production process inspection, to production completion and packaging process inspection,quality management follows the PDCA cycle and product quality is strictly controlled. Our gym equipments and weight lifting equipments have passed CE, SGS and CCC certificates.


Cost and delivery advantage

We supply directly from the factory and cooperate with international famous shipping companies to save the cost of agents and product transportation for our customers. The company implements digital operation strategy and builds intelligent factory production system and supply chain system to create the ability of low-cost and fast delivery.


Customer and Partner Advantage

The company creates more value by providing customers with a wide range of product lines such as cost-effective fitness equipment,customized gym equipment, weight lifting equipment, home fitness equipment and so on. The company enjoys a high level of customer trust and industry reputation, and has established reliable long-term relationships with a number of well-known fitness equipment brands at home and abroad.

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Barbell Suppliers

Essential Guide to Selecting Top Barbell Manufacturers for Your Gym The barbell stands as an essential piece of gym equipment, indispensable in the devices of fitness enthusiasts. Far more than a simple metal rod, the barbell supports a diverse array of workouts, making its selection a matter not to be underestimated.As you explore your options,

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What is the difference between powerlifting bar and weightlift bar

Powerlifting bars and powerlifting bars are different in terms of execution standards. Powerlifting bars generally enforce IPF standards. Powerlifting bars generally enforce IWF standards. Powerlifting bar Generally implement IPF standard (International Powerlifting Federation standard): 1 Total length≤2.2m 2 1.31m≤1.32m inner distance between clamps 3 28mm≤diameter≤29mm 4 Weight of barbell bar + weight of clamp = 25kg.

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Which weight plate you really need for your fitness program

Weight plates are an essential piece of equipment for Crossfit training, but it’s important to know how to choose the right weight plate for your workout based on your situation and the many shapes, materials, sizes, and prices available on the market. Below is a list of common types of weight plates on the market to help

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