Powerlifting Bar

Material:Steel, Spring Steel
Application: Universal
Gender: Unisex
Color: custom
Package:Polybag + Wooden Case
Function: Power Weight Lift Training
Weight Capacity:1000lbs/1500lbs/2000lbs

IPF powerlifting bar

International Powerlifting Federation standard

powerlifting bar

The powerlifting barbell bar is a must-have tool for strength training and powerlifting competitions, designed to optimize the ability to withstand high loads and heavy weights. Key features of this barbell bar include rigid construction, large diameter (typically 29mm or more), and a precise-machined grip area that ensures stability and robustness under repeated use and high pressures. It is built with durability and reliability in mind, allowing the trainer to focus on the three core movements that increase total strength: squats, bench presses and hard pulls.

PRODUCT MODELLENGTHWEIGHTDIAMETERLOADING CAPACITYCOLOURKnurling SectionBushing(Copper sleeve)Bushing( Graphite sleeve)
Powlifting bar-1000LB220CM20KG29MM1000lbsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE524
Powlifting bar-1200LB220CM20KG29MM1200lbsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE524
Powlifting bar-1500LB220CM20KG29MM15001bsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE524
Powlifting bar-2000LB220CM20KG29MM20001bsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE524
powerlifing bars

Product feature

powerlifting bar

Bearing stability: Reduce instability due to bearing rolling.

powerlifting bar

Thick diameter: The diameter is usually thicker (29mm), providing better grip and stability.

powerlifting bar

Anti-slip design: The knurled design of the power lifting barbell bar is sharp, increasing the anti-slip effect.

powerlifting bar

High rigidity: Maintaining minimum deformation during heavy weight training helps to improve the accuracy and safety of the movement.

Advantages in the production process

powerlifting bar

1. Biomechanical optimization: Powerlifting levers are designed according to biomechanical principles to maximize the efficiency of the athlete’s muscle strength.
2. Safety and stability: anti-slip and anti-seismic characteristics will be considered in production, as well as suitable for different weight lifting movements.
3. Versatility and adaptability: Adapt to different training needs and movements.
4. منافع اقتصادية: reduce the cost of a single lever, making high-quality weightlifting equipment more popular and economic.

ملاحظة: من فضلك لا تتردد في إعطاء التحقيق الخاص بك في النموذج أدناه. سوف نقوم بالرد عليك مع التفاصيل في غضون 24 ساعة!

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