1. Material: High Quality Steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel
2. Yield Strength: 225,000PSI
3. Max Load: 1500-2000LBS
4. Length: 2300mm
5. Tolerance: +-30 Gram
6. Bearing: TPI 8 Bearing

Deadlift bar spec

deadlift bar

Deadlift bar is a kind of fitness equipment specially designed for hard pull training.
The unique design of the deadlift bar includes a hexagon or quadrangle bar with a higher grip at both ends, a structure that helps provide a more stable grip and reduces stress on the lower back.
Deadlift bar focuses on the body’s back muscle groups, such as the erector ridge, hamstring and buttocks.

deadlif bar specification
Deadlift bar-1500LB230CM20KG27MMSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE41500lbs

Product feature

dead lifting bar

Length and weight: The length and weight distribution of the hard tie rod is suitable for users of different heights and strength levels to ensure a wide range of applicability.

dead lifting bar

Solid structure: In order to ensure stability when bearing weight, the hard tie rod is usually made very strong, and some also use a hexagonal design to reduce the pressure on the lower back.

dead lifting bar

Durability: Hard tie rods are usually made of high-quality materials, such as steel or cast iron, that are not easily bent or damaged when used repeatedly and under heavy weight.

dead lifting bar1

Grip design: The grip portion of a hard tie bar will often have knurls or coatings to increase grip strength and provide better anti-slip effect.

Surface treatment technology

dead lifting bar

The surface treatment of the hard tie rod mainly includes electrophoresis, sandblasting, shot blasting, polishing, etching, electroplating, wire drawing, micro-arc oxidation and powder spraying
Each of these processes has its own characteristics and advantages, and the appropriate surface treatment method can be selected according to the use needs and expected performance of the hard tie rod. In addition, the hardness of the surface of the parts can be improved by tempering and surface quenching, which is suitable for heavy-duty parts with surface wear resistance and core impact resistance.


Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the correct starting position for a Deadlift bar?
Align your shoulder blades, barbell bar, and center of your feet in the same vertical plane. Keep your chest straight, your lumbar spine at normal curvature, your elbows straight, and your feet on the sole of your feet.

How does the Deadlift bar work?
The working principle of the hard tie rod is based on the synergistic effect of human mechanics and the skeletal muscle system.

What are the differences between different types of Deadlift bars?
The traditional hard pull usually uses a straight bar, the trunk tilt Angle is larger, the exercise effect of the lower back vertical ridge muscle is better, compared to the straight bar hard pull, the hexagonal barbell on the grip is less demanding, because its structure allows the use of the general grip, reducing the need for wrist and arm rotation.

Where can I buy a good Deadlift bar?
Strenx stands for top quality, superior design and unmatched reliability, making it the perfect partner in your quest for the extreme.

How does Strenx Deadlift bar differ from other brands?
Made of aviation-grade high-strength alloy steel, Strenx’s Deadlift bar is stretch-resistant, wear-resistant and robust even under extreme training conditions.
Every Strenx Deadlift bar is precision machined and strictly quality controlled to ensure that bearings are free of backlash and grip points are accurate, providing the smoothest and safest training experience possible.
Combined with the latest ergonomic research, Strenx grips are designed to match the body’s natural holding posture, reducing wrist stress and improving grip stability.

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