Stoßstangenplatten aus Urethan

Material: Urethane

Diameter:450mm (17.72″) IWF Standard

Application: Powerlifting/Gewichtheben/Kreuzheben/Universal

Geschlecht: Mann/Frau/Unisex

Farben:  Grey/Green/Yellow/Blue/Red/Black



Logo & OEM: Customized Logo

Package: Polybag/Paper Carton/Wooden Pallet

Usage: Weightlifting Exercise


The material of urethane bumper plates is polyurethane, which is very environmentally friendly, odorless, and soft in color. Equip your gym with these extremely durable and easy-to-identify weight plates. The center of the urethane plate is a weighted steel plate with a thick PU coating on the outside. It is ideal for training where the barbell is dropped from overhead or shoulder height, such as Olympic weightlifting, strength training and CrossFit training. The PU plates are quieter than metal plates and are designed to cause no harm to the bar, floor, and surrounding environment.

QINGDAO STRENX is a professional bumper plate supplier.STRENX urethane plates have good wear resistance, the surface is not easily scratched, the appearance is high-end, and the bounce force is low, which means the barbell is easier to control when it lands. The plates are durable and factory tested to withstand over 12,000-30,000 drops from 8 feet. And colored to International Weightlifting Federation standards so you can quickly determine weight.

Urethane bumper plates features


Standard Farbe für eine einfache Identifizierung

The weights come in a range of colors corresponding to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) standards, making it straightforward to recognize the amount of weight on the bar.

urethane competition plates

Insert steel ring

Die Mitte nimmt eine gefräste solide Stahl ring, der eng vereint die Polyurethan-material und die Stahl ring, die Erhöhung der Härte und Lebensdauer. Die Nut design der Stahl-ring macht die Kombination aus angrenzenden Langhantel-Platten näher

kg und lb rethane Stoßstange Platte


The density of PU bumper plates is higher than that of rubber bumper plates, so more plates can be hung on the barbell bar. Bumper plates are excellent in Olympic weightlifting and cross-training/HIIT sessions, where it’s typical to drop the barbell from overhead or the shoulders. Additionally, they are beneficial for powerlifting exercises.

20kg pu bumper plate

KG bumper plate and LB bumper plate

The weight of bumper plates is measured in two units, one is kg and the other is pounds. Can be customized according to customer needs.

Urethane bumper plates details

urethane competition plates sets

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