Black Rubber Plate

Material: Rubber

Diameter:450mm (17.72″) IWF Standard

Application: Powerlifting/Weightlifting/Deadlift/Universal

Gender: Man/Woman/Unisex

Colors: Black



Logo & OEM: Customized Logo

Package: Polybag/Paper Carton/Wooden Pallet

Usage: Weightlifting Exercise

NameTypeDiameterHub Dia.ThicknessHardness ShAColourToleranceDropping Times
Black Bumper Plate5KG450mm50.5mm26mm85-90Black±10g>10000
Black Bumper Plate10KG450mm50.5mm47mm90-96Black±10g>20000
Black Bumper Plate15KG450mm50.5mm59mm90-96Black±10g>30000
Black Bumper Plate20KG450mm50.5mm71mm90-96Black±10g>30000
Black Bumper Plate25KG450mm50.5mm89mm90-96Black±10g>30000

Black Rubber Plate This device is usually used on barbells to add weight. They are made of rubber and wrapped in metal clasp, which can provide a certain amount of elasticity and cushioning when lifting weights, reducing impact on the ground and noise. Compared to traditional iron or steel weights, Black Rubber plates are more friendly to the gym floor because they don’t make as much noise when they land and are less likely to damage the ground. In addition, Black Rubber plates are usually designed with safety and durability in mind, and they usually have a load bearing ring embedded in the center to ensure that the weight sheet will not break during use. These weights are available in different weight classes, from 0.25kg to more weight classes, allowing users to choose and combine according to their training needs.

Product feature

Bumper Plate Design Style

  1. Blade edge design, full of power, and easy to load and unload as well as carry
  2. Selected depth of grooves, enhance the barbell piece power and muscle sense, more to realize the edge of the grip barbell piece can be gripped and the effectiveness of finger strength training.

Quality control:Adopting high quality rubber, fully considering the durability, safety, economy, etc. Strictly choosing high-quality rubber, 450mm diameter, earth 1% weight tolerance, and matched with high-quality curved stainless steel sleeve. Strictly control the production control, quality control and transportation control to ensure that customers can receive high quality barbell pieces.

Durabilidad:Selected rubber material. High density, resistant and suitable for all environments.

Safety:Low rebound force ensures safety in smaller spaces, such as indoor gyms or home gyms. 

Convenience:Well-designed curved embedded stainless steel sleeve ensures smooth and convenient loading and unloading of barbell pieces.

Stainless steel inner ring,Increase service life

black rubber plate stainless steel inner ring
black rubber bumper plate silkscreen printing

Rubber bumper plate silkscreen printing

15kg black rubber bumper plate

All rubber material, does not hurt the floor

ruber bumper plate customized logo

Rubber bumper plate, customized logo

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