Plaques de pare-chocs de couleur

Diameter:450mm (17.72″) IWF Standard

Application: Powerlifting/Weightlifting/Deadlift/Universal

Gender: Man/Woman/Unisex

Colors:  Grey/Green/Yellow/Blue/Red/Black



Logo & OEM: Customized Logo

Package: Polybag/Paper Carton/Wooden Pallet

Usage: Weightlifting Exercise


color bumper plates are a must-have exercise equipment for your home gym. They are sturdy and durable, and the weight of the bumper plates can be easily identified based on the different colors. At the same time, colored bumper plates can liven up your fitness space. The color bumper plates have a thick rubber ring on the outside and an international standard reinforced steel plate in the center. They are designed for Olympic-level weightlifting, various strength training, and CrossFit exercises, and can withstand the impact of drops from great heights, such as overhead or shoulder height. 

Compared with traditional iron bumper plates, the design of color bumper plates fully considers the protection of the barbell itself, the ground and surrounding facilities from damage. QINGDAO STRENX is a professional color bumper plate manufacturer.The STRENX colored bumper plates have high hardness, which reduces the bounce when it lands on the ground, making it easier to control the barbell when it falls, bringing convenience and safety to your training.

Color bumper plate specification and parameter

Name   TypeDiameterHub Dia.ThicknessHardness ShAColourToleranceDropping Times
Colour Bumper Plate5KG450mm50.5mm26mm85-90Grey±10g>10000
Colour Bumper Plate10KG450mm50.5mm47mm90-96Green±10g>20000
Colour Bumper Plate15KG450mm50.5mm59mm90-96Yellow±10g>30000
Colour Bumper Plate20KG450mm50.5mm71mm90-96Blue±10g>30000
Colour Bumper Plate25KG450mm50.5mm89mm90-96Red±10g>30000
colour bumper plates

Product features and details

25kg color bumper plate

Surface covered with colored rubber

The weights are designed with a color scheme that adheres to the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) guidelines, which allows for quick recognition of the total weight loaded on the barbell.

steel insert for 10kg color bumper plate

Steel insert for durability

The inclusion of steel center inserts coupled with the robustness of especially thick 10lb plates ensures the utmost in endurance. These color plates, having undergone rigorous factory testing, are certified to endure between 10,000 to 30,000 drops from a height of 8 feet or 2.44 meters.

Beveled edge of 20kg bumper plate

Beveled edge for better grip

The barbell plates are designed with outer chamfers and inner grooves, which are ergonomic and easy to grab. At the same time, it is very convenient to place on the power rack.

5KG Bumper Plate

Customized logo

Bumper plates are the go-to choice for cross-training, Olympic weightlifting, power weightlifting, or HIIT routines that involve frequent. The logo can be customized according to your requirements.

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