Plaque de pare-chocs de compétition

Material: Colour Rubber

Diameter:450mm (17.72″) IWF Standard

Application: Powerlifting/Weightlifting/Deadlift/Universal

Gender: Man/Woman/Unisex

Colors:  Grey/Green/Yellow/Blue/Red/Black

Size: 5KG/10KG/15KG/20KG/25KG/

Logo & OEM: Customized Logo

Package: Polybag/Paper Carton/Wooden Pallet

Usage: Weightlifting Exercise


 The competition bumper plate is a premium weight plate designed for the serious athlete. These plates adhere to the highest standards for weight accuracy and quality, meeting the stringent specifications set by the International Weightlifting Federation. They are constructed from a robust and durable material, often featuring a steel disc core encased in a dense rubber coating for reduced bounce and superior durability.

QINGDAO STRENX is one of the biggest bumper plate manufacturers in China. With a sleek finish and color-coding in accordance with IWF guidelines, STRENX competition bumper plates allow for easy identification of weight values, ensuring a smooth and efficient loading process. The standard 450 mm diameter fits Olympic barbells perfectly. These plates are not just built to last but are crafted to deliver the precise performance demanded in high-stakes lifting environments, where every kilogram counts towards victory. Whether in high-intensity training, professional lifting circuits, or your own personal home gym space, competition bumper plates are the top-tier choice for athletes aiming for excellence in their lifting pursuits.

Competition bumper plate spec and parameter

Name   TypeDiameterHub Dia.ThicknessHardness ShAColourToleranceDropping Times
Competition bumper plate  5KG450mm50.5mm23mm85-90Gray±10g>10000
Competition bumper plate  10KG450mm50.5mm35mm90-96Green±10g>20000
Competition bumper plate  15KG450mm50.5mm42mm90-96Yellow±10g>30000
Competition bumper plate  20KG450mm50.5mm54mm90-96Blue±10g>30000
Competition bumper plate  25KG450mm50.5mm62mm90-96Red±10g>30000

Competition bumper plate details

25KG competition rubber plate

25kg competition plate


20kg competition plate


15kg competition plate


10kg competition plate

Competition bumper plate features

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) sets forth specific regulations for competition bumper plates to ensure standardization in official events. Here are the critical specifications:

  1. Weight Accuracy: Competition plates must have a very tight weight tolerance, typically within +- 0.1% or better of the stated weight to ensure fairness in competition.
  2. Diameter: The diameter of the plates is standardized, with the competition plates having a consistent diameter of 450mm (17.72 inches), which is vital for the correct bar height off the floor.
  3. Collar Opening: The center hole must be 50mm (1.97 inches) in diameter to fit snuggly on an Olympic barbell, which has a standard sleeve diameter of 50mm.
  4. Material and Construction: The plates are usually made of a hard, dense rubber with a steel disc insert. This construction is designed to be durable and to ensure a consistent bounce when the weights are dropped.
  5. Color Coding: Color coding is in accordance with IWF standards, which associates each color with a specific weight:
    • Red: 25 kg
    • Blue: 20 kg
    • Yellow: 15 kg
    • Green: 10 kg
    • White: 5 kg
  6. Width: The thickness of the plates varies with weight, but is regulated to minimize the bar’s whip (bending) during lifts.
  7. Finish: Competition plates often have a more refined finish, with raised lettering stating the weight and brand, and sometimes the IWF certification mark.
  8. Certification: For plates to be used in IWF-sanctioned events, they must be certified by the IWF. Certified plates have passed the IWF’s testing for weight, size, and materials.

These strict specifications serve to create a level playing field in competitions and ensure that all athletes are lifting with equivalent equipment.

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