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The global health club market reached $101 billion in 2022 and is expected to exceed $140 billion by 2027. This shows that the fitness industry as a whole is growing, but when it comes to the average revenue per gym owner, more detailed data is needed.

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How much gym owners make

The International Health, Racquet and SportsClub Association (IHRSA) has released the IHRSA Global Fitness Report 2023, detailing data from 65 fitness markets around the world over the past year.

There will be more than 280,000 health clubs worldwide in 2023, providing fitness services to 206 million customers. The number of gym customers has increased by at least 37.1% over the past 10 years compared to 2008. At the same time, the fitness industry generated $94 billion in revenue, an increase of at least 8% compared to 2017, and this figure has continued to rise over the past few years.

According to IHRSA, the fitness industry will have more than 230 million customers by 2030, an increase of 25.6% compared to 2018.

The United States is still the world leader in the fitness industry, accounting for 32% of the global turnover. In 2023, there will be 62.5 million health club customers in the United States, contributing $32.3 billion in revenue, 7.6% more than in 2022.

Germany ranked second, with 11.1 million fitness customers and $6.3 billion in revenue. The United Kingdom ranked third, with 9.9 million customers and $6.2 billion in revenue.

IHRSA noted that in countries with large populations such as China and India, the fitness industry has significant growth opportunities as an emerging industry. In 2023, the total turnover of gyms in China’s major cities will reach 3.9 billion US dollars, ranking ninth in the world, and the number of customers will reach 4.5 million.

India’s fitness club industry turnover of $821 million ranks fifth in the Asia-Pacific region. India also has the third largest number of health clubs in the Asia-Pacific region, with 3,813, bringing 2 million customers.

The fitness market in China and India has huge room for growth due to low penetration compared to other markets. As a populous country, China’s gym customers account for only 2.98% of the total number of people, and India is even less, only 0.15%.

By comparison, Spain, with a population of 46.73 million, has 5.2 million gym customers, or 11.13 percent, ranking fifth in Europe.

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Factors about making money

  1. Member conversion rate: A store can not be supported by new customers alone, and more importantly, old members. As the saying goes, “It is better to develop ten new customers than to maintain one old customer.” The high conversion rate means that gyms are able to effectively convert potential customers into paying members. Conversion rates are influenced by a variety of factors, including how they are advertised, sales strategy, price positioning, and the location and environment of the gym.
  2. Membership attrition rate: It reflects the gym’s ability to retain members. A low attrition rate means a high likelihood of membership renewal, which is critical to a gym’s long-term revenue.
  3. Financial liquidity: Gym owners may generate cash flow by pre-selling long-term membership cards, which can be used for day-to-day operations or to invest in other businesses. If the money is managed properly, it can bring in additional income; On the contrary, if the investment fails or the capital chain breaks, it may lead to serious consequences.
  4. Market competition: Successful gyms often have a clear market positioning and provide specialized services for specific consumer groups.

First of all, traditional health clubs occupy a certain share in the market and have a stable and loyal customer base.

Secondly, new and innovative fitness brands continue to emerge,Attract more by offering featured services and personalized experiences young consumers. In addition, treadmills, smart bracelets and so onThe popularity of smart exercise equipment has also made home self-help fitnessBody becomes a trend. Various factors lead to market competition Intensified.

  1. Marketing strategy: Marketing strategy first involves brand shaping and positioning. A clear brand image can appeal to a specific target market, making it easier for potential customers to identify and choose to join a gym. Effective marketing and advertising can increase the gym’s visibility and attract potential customers. The use of Internet marketing tools is also particularly important for modern gyms, and a strong brand can also bring more customers to gyms.
  2. Quality of service: The quality of service provided directly affects members’ satisfaction and word-of-mouth communication. High quality services can increase member loyalty, thereby reducing attrition rates and increasing the probability of referrals.
  3. Social trends: Increasing health awareness and the popularity of fitness culture will also have an impact on the business of gyms.
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How to make a gym profitable

  1. Increase the number of members: attract more customers to become members through marketing activities and word-of-mouth promotion. For example, you could offer free hands-on classes, introduce a member referral program, or partner with local businesses to provide employee benefits.
  2. Increase membership renewal rates: Encourage members to renew by providing quality fitness services and facilities, as well as personalized fitness programs. In addition, regularly communicate with members to understand their needs and feedback, and timely adjust the service content to improve satisfaction.
  3. Selling personal trainer services: Personal trainer services are an important source of income for gyms. Members can be attracted to purchase private education courses by training excellent private education teams to provide professional and personalized guidance.
  4. Add value-added services: In addition to basic fitness services, we can also provide additional value-added services, such as nutrition consultation, massage therapy, beauty and skin care, to meet the diversified needs of members. These services can often lead to higher profits.
  5. Hold special activities: Hold special activities regularly, such as fitness challenges, themed courses, celebrity lectures, etc., can attract new members and increase the participation of existing members. These activities can also serve as a source of additional income.
  6. Develop online business: With the development of digital trends, consider developing an online fitness platform to provide virtual classes and remote coaching services. This will not only expand the customer base, but also provide members with a more convenient way to exercise.
  7. Optimize cost structure: Reduce operating costs through fine management. For example, arrange staff shifts reasonably, optimize energy consumption, and purchase equipment in bulk. Reducing costs can improve overall profitability.
  8. Establish partnerships: Establish partnerships with health food companies, sports brands, medical institutions and other related enterprises to jointly carry out promotional activities or mutually beneficial cooperation projects. This can not only generate additional revenue for the gym, but also enhance the brand image.
  9. Data analysis and market research: Use data analysis tools to understand members’ behaviors and preferences, and adjust business strategies according to market research results. Precise market positioning and targeted service improvement can help attract more target customers and increase revenue.
  10. Enhance brand influence: Enhance brand awareness and reputation through social media, public relations activities and word-of-mouth marketing. A strong brand can attract more potential customers and increase the loyalty of members.
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Successful cases

  1. Equinox, which has attracted high-income people to its membership by offering luxurious fitness facilities and personalized service.
  2. Trainiac, a company specializing in online personal coaching services, offers personalized fitness plans and guidance, attracting a large number of users.
  3. SoulCycle, a gym known for its spinning classes, offers users a unique group experience.
  4. Strenx is one of the famous fitness equipment manufacturers. Its products are widely used in various fitness scenarios, including home, gyms and training facilities for professional sports teams
  5.   Life Time Fitness, which provides comprehensive fitness, leisure and social services, including spa, nutrition consultation, etc., thus adding additional revenue streams.
  6. Peloton, through its Internet exercise bike and subscription service, offers users the option to enjoy high-quality fitness classes at home.
  7. Anytime Fitness ,has become one of the largest fitness chains in the world due to its franchise model.


In conclusion, the annual income of a successful gym owner can be significant, but it requires careful planning, relentless effort, and keen insight into market dynamics. By focusing on delivering an exceptional customer experience and constantly adapting to changing needs, gym owners can ensure that their businesses continue to thrive in the fitness industry of the future

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