01 Bumper Plates Factory

1、The factory was established in 2006, specializing in manufacturing kinds of rubber bumper plates, urethane weight plate.

2、The company own intelligent manufacturing platform (MES+SCADA),ten sets of bumper plates automated production lines, which can produce 20000 Ton weight plates per year.

3、Our quality control system runs through the whole life cycle of our products, which have passed CE, SGS and CCC certifications.

02 Rack Factory

1、Established in 2009, the Fitness Rack factory is the most automated factory. Specialized in the production of power racks, half racks, squat racks, squat stand, and inclined squat rack.

2、The company has  laser cutting machines, CNC bending machines, welding robots, and automated conveyors to realize the whole process of automatic processing. The annual production of the fitness rack is 50000 Ton.

3、Pass the ISO9001 quality system,CE,SGS,CCC certification.

Fitness Rack Process

03 Barbell Factory

1、Specializing in the production of weight lifting bars, powerlifting bars, Olympic bars, squat bars,Crossfit bars,deadlift bars, trap bar, etc

2、The company has accumulated many years of production inspection of fitness equipment, created an efficient and competent technical management team, and established an attentive marketing service system.

3. We have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with many wholesalers with our strong force, competitive price, and attentive service.

Barbell Bar Process

04 Iron Plates Factory

1、Since 2012, the factory has been devoted to the research and development, design, production and manufacture of iron weight plates.

2、The company can produce pure steel weight plates, chrome weight plates, ductile iron weight plates, and other specifications.

3、From the raw materials to the production process, to the completion of the production and the packing of the boxes. Quality management follows the PDCA cycle, product quality is under strict control.

Iron Plates Process

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