Barra della trappola

Material: Alloy Steel, Spring Steel, fully solid heavy-duty steel(not hollow)
Application: Universal
Gender: Unisex
Total length:1425mm
Total width:550mm
Total Weight:20KG, 45BL
External Bar Length:290mm
Distance between handles:510mm
Color: custom
Package:Polybag + Wooden Case
Function: Weight Lift Training, Power Lifting Training

Trap bar

trap bar

The Trap Bar, also known as a hexagonal barbell or ring barbell, is a versatile fitness device commonly used for lower body strength training, especially squats. The Trap Bar is designed to allow users to perform weight training without sacrificing stability. Its structure usually consists of a low frame and a barbell bar attached to the frame, similar in shape to a hexagon or triangle, with a space in the middle for standing. This design allows the user’s shoulders and back to remain in a more natural position while performing a squat, reducing stress on the spine.

trap bar
trap bar

Product feature

trap bar

Shape design: The structure of the trap bar is to turn the straight bar into a hexagonal shape, and two slightly higher grips are installed at both ends. It helps reduce the burden on the spine and encourages the user to use more lower limb strength to complete the movement.

trap bar

Angle design: Due to the special shape of the trap bar, the Angle of the user’s torso when holding the sides rather than the front is more vertical than the traditional hard pull, which can provide more comfort and adaptability for some users.

trap bar

Material design:  Trap bars are usually made of high-quality steel, ensuring their durability and stability. At the same time, in order to improve safety and comfort, the grip part may be made of materials such as rubber, foam or plastic to provide a better grip and non-slip effect.


Improved line and movement fluency: The trap bar is specially designed to help maintain good body shape, especially without the help of an instructor, making it easier for beginners to master the correct hard pull position, thereby reducing sports injuries.
Lower Back stress: The Angle bar reduces stress on the muscles of the lower back, especially the erector spinal muscles, which helps to avoid unnecessary strains or other sports injuries.
Improved shoulder stability: For those with low shoulder mobility or stability, the trap bar’s grip design helps to keep the shoulder in a good position, increasing shoulder stability and making power output more focused.
Enhanced leg muscle participation: When using the trap bar for hard pulling, more leg muscle groups can be engaged, which helps to enhance the development of lower limb strength.

Answers to relevant questions

What is the design philosophy of the Trap bar?
The Trap bar is designed primarily to reduce stress on the lower back while increasing the engagement of the leg muscles and providing a more natural and comfortable holding position.
What are the main differences between a Trap bar and a traditional barbell bar?
1. Lower back pressure: The Trap bar is designed so that the center of gravity of the human body is closer to the center of gravity of the barbell when performing actions such as hard pulling, which is more friendly for people with lower back pain or lower back problems.
2. Action mechanics characteristics: Research shows that compared with traditional hard pull, the ratio of ultimate hip flexion moment and ultimate bending knee moment is closer at a certain proportion of 1RM, which means that Trap bar hard pull allows a more balanced hip and knee power output.
3. Space occupancy: The length of the Trap bar is only about 1 meter, while the space occupied by the ordinary straight bar barbell is about 1.4 meters, which helps the lifter to better control and maintain balance.
In addition to hard pulling, what other training actions can be performed using the Trap bar?
In addition to hard pulling, you can also use the Trap bar for training moves such as rowing, squats and sumo hard pulling.

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