Barra de levantamento de peso

Material: Alloy Steel, Spring Steel
Application: Universal
Gender: Unisex
length:2.2m, 2.01m
Weight:20KG, 15KG
Color: custom
Package:Polybag + Wooden Case
Function: Weight Lift Training
Weight Capacity:700lbs/1000lbs/1500lbs/2000lbs
Feature:4/6/8/10 needle bearings+2 copper bushing

IWF weightlifting bar/olympic barbell

International Weightlifting Federation standard

weightlifting bar

The Weightlifting bar is an essential weapon for professional training in the field of fitness. It is designed for weightlifting exercises, whether snatch or clean and jerk, to provide stable and solid support. This bar not only reflects the choice of material – tough chrome-plated steel, but also the pursuit of the ultimate in design – knurled grip, ensuring the best grip and safety under any weight. It is a trusted partner for weightlifters to challenge themselves and exceed their limits, and it is also a helpful assistant for fitness enthusiasts to enhance their strength and sculpture.

Man weightlifting barbell


Woman weightlifting barbell

Women's bar-1000LB201CM15KG25MM1000lbsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE
Women's bar-1200LB201CM15KG25MM1200lbsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE
Women's bar-1500LB201CM15KG25MM15001bsSILVER,COLOUR,BLACK,WHITE

Product features

weightlifting bar

Chrome treatment: Protects the metal from oxidation and wear, improving durability and corrosion resistance.

weightlifting bar

Precision machining: The knurled grip part of the barbell bar is precision machined to provide a better grip, prevent slipping and increase safety when using.

weightlifting bar

Forming process: Parts are produced by casting, forging, welding and cutting.

weightlifting bar

Quality control: Each barbell bar is subjected to rigorous performance testing to ensure they are safe for use in weight training and competition.

Type of weightlifting bar

weightlifting bar

The design features of a fixed weightlifting bar include structural stability, shape design for specific actions, and compatibility with weight pieces. The main use scenarios are professional gyms, competitive sports training and personal home fitness.

weightlifting bar

The design features of the adjustable weightlifting bar include rapid weight adjustment, knurled design and compatibility with weight pieces, and their use scenarios are mainly home fitness and basic strength training.

weightlifting bar

The design features of competitive weightlifting bars include large rigidity, standard diameter and knurled design, and they are mainly used in professional weight training and competitions.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the difference between men’s weightlifting barl and women’s weightlifting bar?
Length: The standard length of the men’s weight lifting bar is 2.20 meters, while the women’s weight lifting bar is 2.15 meters.
Weight: The standard weight of the men’s weightlifting barbell bar is 20 kg, and the women’s weightlifting barbell bar is 15 kg.
The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) stipulates that the end of the barbell bar for men’s competition is blue, and the end of the barbell bar for women is yellow.

What is IWF Certification?
IWF certification usually refers to the certification of the International Weightlifting Federation, which is an international certification standard for the quality and safety of weightlifting barbells.
IWF certification ensures that the barbell meets the standard requirements of international competition, including the diameter, length, weight and knurls of the barbell.

What is the difference between competitive weightlifting and fitness barbell bars?
Length and diameter: Competitive weightlifting bars (such as Olympic weights) usually have standard lengths and diameters, such as men’s weights which are 2,010 mm long and 28 mm in diameter, while women’s weights are 25 mm in diameter. In contrast, fitness barbell bars (such as technical bars or beginner bars) may have shorter lengths and different diameters to suit the needs of different levels of training.
Elasticity and rigidity: The competitive weightlifting bar has a certain degree of elasticity, which can store elastic energy in the clean and jerk and snatch, so as to produce a large deformation under the same load bearing, providing a certain toughness and feel. The fitness weight lifting barbell bar requirements are relatively hard, in order to large weight squat, bench press, hard pull stability, its rigidity is large, and the deformation is small when bearing weight.

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