В чем разница между штангой для пауэрлифтинга и штангой для тяжелой атлетики

Powerlifting bars and powerlifting bars are different in terms of execution standards. Powerlifting bars generally enforce IPF standards. Powerlifting bars generally enforce IWF standards.

Powerlifting bar

Generally implement IPF standard (International Powerlifting Federation standard):

1 Total length≤2.2m
2 1.31m≤1.32m inner distance between clamps
3 28mm≤diameter≤29mm
4 Weight of barbell bar + weight of clamp = 25kg.
(Individual clamp weight 2.5kg)
5 50mm ≤ 52mm diameter of the barbell rod sleeve.
6 Distance between the inner rings on the barbell bar = 81cm.

Weightlifting bar/Olympic bar

Generally implement IWF standard (International Weightlifting Federation standard):

1. made of chrome-plated steel
2. Knurling is applied to the gripping part. 3.
3. barbell bar weight 20kg (men) / 15kg (women)
4. Men’s barbell bar length 220cm (men) / 201cm (women). 5.
5. both ends of the sleeve diameter 5cm, length 41.5cm(M)/32cm(F)
6. The middle part of the grip is 131cm long and 2.8cm in diameter (male)/2.5cm (female).
7. the two grippable sections of the barbell bar are spaced 42cm apart and each is 44.5cm long, with the unknurled ring being 0.5cm wide and 19.5cm away from the inside of the sleeve, i.e., the double rings are spaced 92cm apart.
8. the knurling in the middle of the men’s barbell bar is 12cm long.
The women’s barbell bar has no knurling in the center.
9. The barbell bar is marked with blue (male)/yellow (female) markings at the end and in the center.
10. Allowable tolerance range = +0.1%~-0.05%.
Above (male)/(female) are used to represent men’s barbell rods/women’s barbell rods respectively.

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