Какой блин вам действительно нужен для вашей фитнес-программы

Weight plates are an essential piece of equipment for Crossfit training, but it’s important to know how to choose the right weight plate for your workout based on your situation and the many shapes, materials, sizes, and prices available on the market.

Below is a list of common types of weight plates on the market to help you better distinguish and choose the right weight plate for you!

набор уретановых бамперов

Full rubber bumper plate

The most common type of weight plate, the inner layer is mostly steel plate or cast iron material, the outer layer is wrapped in rubber, wear-resistant and drop-resistant, the taste is not pungent.

Generally colorful full rubber sheet to color difference weight (green 10KG, yellow 15KG, blue 20KG, red 25KG), but to meet the demand, now the market will also produce other color matching full rubber sheet, such as our macaroon color matching full rubber sheet, fresh color matching let training have more colorful choices.

PU plate

The inner layer is mostly steel or cast iron, the outer layer of raw materials for the PU (urethane), safe and odorless, the texture is harder and more wear-resistant than rubber materials, the appearance is also more smooth and beautiful, suitable for the three major training, if you have a plan to build a home gym, it is also more suitable for the purchase of this.

Competition bumper plate

In accordance with the IWF (International Weightlifting Federation) competition standards casting, usually as a weightlifting training or competition piece, more durable, good resistance to falls, weight accuracy, the pursuit of durability, and the level of competition this.

Hand grip plate

In addition to the center round hole there are other openings of the weight plate is called hand grip piece, generally three holes, more convenient to pick up or carry with one hand, but also can be used as an independent training equipment, alternative to dumbbells, kettlebells part of the training.

Technical plate

Mostly made of plastic, the weight is usually 2.5KG/5KG, which is more suitable for beginners to start and novices to try.

Loadable plate

Full rubber, PU material are available, generally for the middle and late weighted transition to use, can be in the pursuit of technology to protect the human body from injury within the maximum range.

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